How Anthropology Can Improve Your UX Practice

How Anthropology Can Improve Your UX Practice. Come può l'Antropologia migliorare la tua pratica di UX?

By Annette Priest, UX Cambridge 2012

Experienced UX practitioners often say one of their greatest skills is being able to switch perspective–seamlessly thinking of business needs one moment, and user needs the next.

Such focus can be a challenge — working for agencies and companies creates certain bias and UXers face more demands now than ever before. At many organizations the need to belong, and become ingrained in company culture can be strong. It can be difficult to be part of the team and still maintain some neutrality.

In this session, Annette will share:

Key concepts from anthropology you can apply to your UX practice
Tips and tricks for keeping your focus on getting the answers you need
Ethical responsibilities for researchers
Lessons learned from Annette’s work with different teams and cultures